Top 5 Biggest 2019 Oscar Snubs

If you know anything about the Oscars, they aren’t predictable when it comes to their nominations. Just as you think that got it right, they throw a curveball with something that doesn’t seem right, or in a surprise. The recent nominations had some pretty solid choices that many loved got in there, but most of […]

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2019 Oscar Nominations

After long anticipation and vigorous predictions on how it will all culminate in what’s going to get the top tear trophy, the nominations for the 91st Academy Awards have officially been announced Tuesday morning to see what movies from 2018 will be celebrated on Hollywood’s biggest night. And like every year, there’s gonna be some […]

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‘Vice’ | Film Review

We are at a mediocre time in America, so it would be a good time to release a movie that follows one of the most powerful Vice Presidents to ever live with Adam McKay’s latest, Vice. Probably gonna have a tough time trying to remember what happened in here because I’m someone who doesn’t know […]

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‘Widows’ | Film Review

It might be difficult to come out with a heist film that hasn’t been done before. But why do you going inside them? To see something thrilling to happen and witness our heroes get out clean and safe. Not gonna say that it happens in Steve McQueen’s Widows, but here’s a movie with a plan […]

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