‘Roma’ | Film Review

Five years is a very long wait for writer-director Alfonso Cuarón to bring film fans his next movie. Roma is his first film after directing the sci-fi blockbuster Gravity, which earned itself six Academy Awards including Best Director for Cuaròn. Netflix is really pushing for a huge Oscar contender. Does Roma have a chance of […]

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Most Anticipated Movies of 2019

Many of us get excited about what’s to come every year when we get psyched about sitting in the theater and hoping it’s gonna end up great. A lot of the movies that are coming out this year are the bigger ones that everybody knows about like the superhero movies and the big blockbusters. That’s […]

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‘The Meg’ | Film Review

Seems like I was probably the only person in the world who wasn’t excited about The Meg in an ironic way. The reason for that is because anytime a new shark movie is about to come out, there’s no way nothing is ever gonna come close to a masterpiece like Jaws 43 years ago. But […]

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