‘The Predator’: Film Review

With nearly everything that was popular in the 80s, it was too surprised that we needed to see Predator back because it seems like some are becoming tired of anything Alien related. If someone who’s already familiar with this, it would be Shane Black (Iron Man 3, The Nice Guys) brings us back into this […]

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‘Peppermint’: Film Review

It seems like the revenge plotline in any movie now is becoming a little tedious, especially in the past few years. At this rate, sometimes it can get tiring if you asked me. And since we’re still with the ongoing tread of celebrities over 40 becoming action stars today, why not Jennifer Garner when she’s […]

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‘A Simple Favor’: Film Review

Secrets, suspense, martinis, gorgeous women, and someone missing. That is what’s been swirling around in Paul Feig’s latest film A Simple Favor, based on Darcey Bell’s 2017 novel of the same name. With any movie revolving around a mystery, it’s gonna have its fair share of moments that’s gonna leave the audience in shock with […]

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Adrift: Film Review

Maybe it’s me, but it feels like survival movies don’t make it that impactful watching the people trying to make the difficult situations when it most of the time you already know how it’s gonna end, especially when it takes place in the ocean. Adrift wanted to be a captivating romantic drama with two leads […]

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Upgrade: Film Review

If you were in the position that our main character is going through in writer/director Leigh Whannell and Blumhouse’s newest film Upgrade, you would want your body to be controlled and to do whatever you want? That’s a difficult thing to come up with while sitting through this. But it wouldn’t be the worst thing […]

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