Top 5 Biggest 2019 Oscar Snubs

If you know anything about the Oscars, they aren’t predictable when it comes to their nominations. Just as you think that got it right, they throw a curveball with something that doesn’t seem right, or in a surprise. The recent nominations had some pretty solid choices that many loved got in there, but most of us, when watching the nominations announced, were scratching our heads trying to figure out why the person or thing we wanted to get nominated were missed out.

Sure, movies like Widows, Sorry to Bother You, Suspiria didn’t get a single nomination, but I’m guessing there wasn’t enough campaigning for them, or the reception wasn’t up to par. Even I’m upset that Mission: Impossible- Fallout and Crazy Rich Asians that at least get one.

Since most are giving their intake on what surprised them, why not give my take on the 5 biggest Oscars snub of the season.

1. Claire Foy Missing Out on Best Supporting Actress

Claire Foy in First Man (2018)

Claire Foy not getting a nomination for Best Supporting Actress for First Man was my main fear when watching the nominations, and it’s total nonsense. Her performance as Janet Armstrong shows to be the supportive housewife of the American hero, but it felt more idealistic in every scene she’s in. Foy just made his character her own. Just take a look at the scene where she tries to talk to Neil (Ryan Gosling) about what to say to his sons if he doesn’t make it back. That scene alone is Oscar-worthy. She did get a Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice nomination. Even though she wasn’t gonna win, this would be great for The Crown actress to land something bigger for her career.

2. Bradley Cooper not up for Best Director?

Bradley Cooper and P. Scott Sakamoto in A Star Is Born (2018)

You would think Cooper’s directorial debut of A Star is Born would put him with the big dogs and land him a spot for a Best Director nomination? And it was only three minutes later when I didn’t even notice his absence. Why? Cooper directed the best iteration of a story that’s been done three times before. Some were even speculating that he was gonna win at some point. This is what happened when Ben Affleck was completely snubbed for Best Director for Argo, which actually won Best Picture that year. Even though A Star is Born wasn’t on my best list, Cooper’s direction showed a lot of versatility in what’s perhaps the best directorial debut for any film of 2018.

Did anybody see Cold War and think Pawel Pawlikowski should’ve been in consideration?

3. ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor?’ Snubbed For Best Documentary

David Newell and Fred Rogers in Won't You Be My Neighbor? (2018)

This is the one year that I actually watched two documentaries: Won’t You Be My Neighbor? and Three Identical Strangers, both of which are great. Many of us were expecting the former the actually win Best Documentary. But… it was left out of the category. It’s shocking that the Academy would leave out what’s deemed one of the best documentaries in years about the life of Fred Rogers and how his classic show came to be. It holds a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and everybody seemed to love it back when it was released last summer. Without a nomination for Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, it seems like a won’t find another Mister Rogers in today’s world.

4. ‘Eighth Grade’ for Original Screenplay

Bo Burnham and Elsie Fisher in Eighth Grade (2018)

Nothing for Eighth Grade? Sad. Eighth Grade was my favorite movie of 2018 and gets no recognition from the Academy in any category. But the one that I was really hoping would get is a screenplay nomination. Bo Burnham’s script is the best original screenplay of the year. Why’s that? Because it takes an honest look at what we were like back in middle school and put us in Kayla Day’s place in daily situations before going into high school. But First Reformed gets in? C’mon, people.  Also, I would’ve been amazing to see Eighth Grade in consideration for Best Picture, if they went with nine spots.

5. ‘First Man’ For Everything Else

Ryan Gosling in First Man (2018)

Yes, First Man did score 4 nominations, including Production Design, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, and Visual Effects. But it was left out of the more major awards, and it’s disappointing. Damien Chazzelle’s biopic of Neil Armstrong did get great reviews, but it didn’t perform well at the box office back in October. Is the “Flag Controversy” to blame? It should’ve gotten nominated for Cinematography, Editing, Justin Hurwitz for Score (which won the Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice), and of course, Foy for Best Supporting Actress.

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