Dirty Grandpa Review

The talents of both Zac Efron and Robert De Niro aren’t enough to make this comedy the least bit good. It’s impossible to describe how Dirty Grandpa couldn’t make it on the level of raunchy. There were times Efron and De Niro worked well together but only a few chuckle-worthy moments, so many of the jokes didn’t land and ended up becoming dead silence especially with characters that appear too much so serve no purpose. De Niro did feel like he’s having fun with his role but this should’ve come out before The Intern and now it now feels like he’s back into doing a movie for a paycheck. The main problem with Dirty Grandpa is that it really resembles the terrible That’s My Boy with some relatable elements that will either make or break the entire movie for how predictable it is.


With a horrible script filled to the brim with crude and offensive jokes, Dirty Grandpa was really awful and humorless in the course of an hour and a half that I won’t get back.

Grade: D

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