Live By Night Review

Ben Affleck has become one of my favorite directors in the past few years. He’s proven to be a talented actor, but when he’s behind the camera, he’s perfect with Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and Best Picture winner Argo (My personal favorite). If you get him to direct a gangster flick, that has my […]

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The Girl on the Train Review

The toughest thing to accomplish in Hollywood is to translate great pieces of work on the big screen in the fashion that could lead to becoming a great adaptation. The Girl on the Train is based on Paula Hawkins’ best-selling novel, it would seem like this story could lead to becoming somewhere in the realm […]

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Masterminds Review

When your movie has been on the shelves for over a year because of the studio’s bankruptcy, it’s a clear sign that it has no confidence of becoming good at all. So, it’s understandable Masterminds turned out to be in the process. And this was actually based on a true story that’s unbelievable of the […]

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Queen of Katwe Review

Never played a game of Chess in my entire life, and I’ll lose honestly and defeated by the real Phiona Mutesi. Every time Disney releases a movie in the sports genre, it gets me excited because it proves it can be inspirational and cheerful in the end as proven with Miracle, McFarland, USA, etc. And […]

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