The 5th Wave Review

As we go through this cycle of movies based off of young adult novels, there needs to be a simple way of having good entertainment instead of a series that trying to start up a franchise. The 5th Wave isn’t anything different than what’s been done previously before. This just goes through a lot of the same clichés. that have happened in other movies where there’s a love triangle, the hero needs to save a sibling and a predictable story to go along with it. Chloë Grace Moretz wasn’t terrible but she could’ve been played by someone else, and it wouldn’t make any difference. And this wasn’t horrible as 2013’s The Host. This was at least better to watch, which isn’t saying much.


But The 5th Wave goes along with other YA sci-fi movies that are uneventful and deals with a pointless plot while also being boring.

Grade: D+

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