Ride Along 2 Review

Comedy sequels have a one in two chance of actually being funny as its predecessor. Ride Along 2 is the candidate to have zero of those chances. The 2014 box office hit wasn’t funny, but people still went out and saw it. Does this make me question what’s wrong with our world? The now supposed Ride Along franchise is going to be the kind of movies that this type of audience will not care how well it will do critically.

Ride Along 2 doesn’t provide anything new at all. The plot is pretty much the same except this takes place in Miami. Hijinks doesn’t ensue. Tim Story and the writers can’t seem to know what makes a smarter audience laugh at jokes that are funny. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube once again, doesn’t provide any laughs and have no comedic chemistry with each other making for bad jokes and awkward humor. It’s hard enough to not be a fan of Hart to have him play this role over and over again. Olivia Munn does nothing but has a resting bitch face throughout and it’s so predictable that she’s going to be Cube’s love interest.

There’s absolutely nothing that’s funny but instead consists of shootouts, a dumb car chase that a playoff of a cheap Grand Theft Auto game and Kevin Hart is in the forefront of it all repeating the same beats over again proof positive that he’s still overexposed having him in comedies that aren’t funny. They better not plan a third installment because the people know better than this.ride-along-2

Ride Along 2 is even more obnoxious than before which is not funny and an even worse script to deal with.

Grade: D-

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