The Huntsman: Winter’s War Review

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Snow White and the Huntsman wasn’t a good movie, and it’s not that anybody asked for a prequel. Proof positive that when you hire a visual effects artist, Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, who also did Snow White,  having no creative control and having absolutely no style in how to direct because The Huntsman: Winter’s War was even duller than I expected.

This boring fantasy brought nothing new to this universe that we didn’t want to come back to with terrible writing and bad comic relief. And what a waste of a talented cast experiencing nothing. Even though The Huntsman is basically the only memorable thing about its predecessor, Chris Hemsworth did carry this enough but gives the best he can in the role and personally, he didn’t have chemistry with Jessica Chastain. Emily Blunt is one of the best actresses working but even she couldn’t make this work when she’s onscreen with Charlize Theron. Possibly her worst performance in her career.

Now Theron isn’t in that much in here but she’s the same way as she was in the first movie as she overacts a bit. Not the live action version of Frozen I asked for. The action is fake, the story is meh, and not caring about what’s happening with each character.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War is a total unnecessary whatever-quel that nobody asked for. Just a boring fairy tale almost identical to Snow White but more of a mess. D


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