Keanu Review

Right off the success of Comedy Central’s sketch show, Key and Peele, it seems like going into feature films is the right move especially the first featuring the cutest kitten ever put to film. Keanu was better than I expected. It’s funny that it plays off of some of the recent B- action movies with the gunplay and gangsters involved, and for the most part, it played it right. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele always have the best chemistry with each other having hilarious banter back and forth. Hoping for more movies with them in the future. It’s so obvious that their characters are out of their element trying to get Peele’s kitten back but they can pull it off in a hilarious way. Sometimes the laughs slowed down and get overshadowed by the action for a while and the kitten isn’t in it all that much, but the rest was good comedy. And a lesson is learned after this: we could all use a little George Michael in our lives. Keanu was funny and has good action mixed in there that only a duo like Key and Peele can pull off. Plus that is that most adorable kitten ever. B


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