The Angry Birds Movie Review

A movie based off of a mobile game that nobody plays anymore has now become a full-length movie with little story being told in this. Easy to say that the film is already irrelevant. There wasn’t any excitement going into The Angry Birds Movie when first hearing about it, and it proved to be just okay in the end. Huge positive when watching it is the animation, a lot of texture of the birds looked really good. But what bogged this down is that there are so much pop culture jokes and a lot of the humor was either not funny or not suitable for children when half of them are bird related sex jokes and they eventually get to the point of the app, it’s too late for what been happening for the last hour. The voice talents were fine like Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad and Danny McBride as the three main birds. But then some that are wasted having not a lot to do like Blake Shelton or Smosh (who both as two lines of dialogue). This is harmless for a summer movie, but it won’t be remembered when the year ends.


So while at times The Angry Birds Movie has chuckles and mild moments of enjoyment, it’s not very clever with the jokes and honestly too crude for children. Just a matter of time to where we’ll get a Fruit Ninja movie. C

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