How to Be Single Review

If anybody wants to check out a romantic comedy to watch annually around Valentine’s Day, How to Be Single might be a suggestion that would be agreeable.  There aren’t many things in this that aren’t new. It’s a bit cliché at times, especially with the characters.

Though she can’t be forgiven for Fifty Shades of Grey, Dakota Johnson wasn’t bad in her role but it would be nice if she played someone outside of these kinds of characters. But Rebel Wilson still plays the same type of role over and over again and she needs to be someone different instead of being the party girl. Leslie Mann and Alison Brie were good as well. This is a combination between That Awkward Moment and The Sweetest Thing to where it could be parts that are relatable to both men and women.

The point that How to Be Single was trying to make is that it’s okay to be single for the rest of your life. It’s likely not a lot of people will take that theme helpful when it’s over. Maybe some people want to get married and have children. So it’s maybe isn’t the right message to send out, to be honest.


How to Be Single turned out to be not that bad of a female rom-com, although not the type that won’t be memorable of how mostly cliché it was.

Grade: B-

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