Deadpool Review

When a studio screws up a superhero movie once, it should get a mulligan in order to redeem the character in a positive light. That didn’t happen with Fantastic Four most recently, but it sure as freakin’ did with Deadpool. It’s so unbelievable how hilarious and action thrilled this fully warranted R-Rated, superhero movie ensues with laugh out loud moments and some awesome action sequences with a hero to maybe root for throughout. It’s so aware that it’s a comic book movie by thinking, “Yes, this is a movie you’re watching”, and the meta-ness of it all is perfect.

None of this couldn’t have worked without the balls of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. There is no one else that can be this out of control but a badass hero. They got him right and not screw him up like in X-Men: Origins: Wolverine.  Reynolds sees how there’s a good side to him, he cares the person he loves, and the motives that the “Merch with a Mouth” needs to come upon along with the side characters to help him out to possibly kill a villain named after a dish soap. Pulling out a lot of pop culture jokes and other jokes in general that come so fast that will keep you laughing for a solid minute. Also to add, the marketing was spot on and does the film justice.


Deadpool is a crazy, hilarious, and a very meta-comic book adaptation that’s totally scripted out of the comic that does it right to the anti-hero in all the right ways.

Grade: A-


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