Hail, Caesar! Review

The Coen Bros. have a great talent for writing and directing. They’ve now still have a good achievement continuing their success with Hail, Caesar!. They have an act of having a good depiction of old school Hollywood and what happening behind in the major studios. All the performances were very good including Josh Brolin, George Clooney and Ralph Fiennes. But Alden Ehrenreich (Beautiful Creatures) was the biggest standout. He was so funny in his scenes especially with him and Fiennes trying to deliver a certain line. The issue why this isn’t a great Coen Bros. film is the narrative. Because it was difficult to follow sometimes because the trailer told one of the plots and thinking that’s what it’s going to be about but from what’s in the movie, different plots surrounding it instead.


This isn’t the strongest film by the Coen Bros., but Hail, Caesar! was a good realization of the golden ages of Hollywood even though the script and the story’s narrative is a letdown.

Grade: B-

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