DC’s Take: The Top 10 Worst Movies of the 2010s

As great it was writing about the best movies of the last 10 years just recently, trying to think of the movies that gave me zero joy wasn’t an easy task. Nobody enjoys seeing a bad movie because it’s always a waste of time, even if the filmmaker didn’t attempt to make it horrible. Yet, when the 2000s give us “classic” like Battlefield EarthGigli, and Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2, there were a ton of movies that are major stinkpiles and nobody should like them.

I have seen a ton of movies over the past decade, some I didn’t think were going to be bad, but these are the ones that I and nearly every critic in the world agree that these should never exist. Most of them are won Razzies in the process, and I couldn’t be any happier. Though I was fortunate enough never take my precious time to ever see Bucky Larson: Born to Be a StarThe Emoji MovieLeft Behind, or The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure because I only need to see the reviews to know it’s not worth it.

The worst things to describe a movie are boring, unfunny, poorly written, poorly directed, and offensive, making its audience leave in angry and questioning what they did to deserve this. All of what I’m about to discuss has those traits. With that, here are the top ten worst movies the decade brought into the world.

Dishonorable Mentions: Fantastic Four, Life Itself, Transformers: The Last Knight, Holmes & Watson, The Legend of Hercules, Sucker Punch, After Earth, Vacation, Gods of Egypt, CHiPs, The Host, A Good Day to Die Hard, Annie, Mortdecai, The Lone Ranger, Dirty Grandpa

10) The ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Franchise (2015-2018)

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades Darker (2017)

How is it possible to have a trilogy, in which every single movie from it becomes worse than the one before? The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is like the exact opposite of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, where it doesn’t learn from its mistakes and constantly becomes dull and awful at every turn. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan have ventured off in other projects where they’ve been decent, but the romantic chemistry between them as Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey is desperately flat when they are working with these garbage scripts based on the novels by E. L. James, which were based on Twilight fan-fiction.

I truly never understood why women drove themselves to the theater and like these dry movies when its main female protagonist is in this controlling relationship with somebody that isn’t right for her. The worst on-screen couple since Edward and Bella. Though with the erotic BDSM sex scenes (when they are in there), they’re awkward to sit through and not sexy in any capacity. I despise Fifty Shades of Grey (2015), Fifty Shades Darker (2017), and Fifty Shades Freed (2018).

9) ‘Cats‘ (2019)

Taylor Swift in Cats (2019)

The most recent movie on this list, Cats is getting some kind of cult following with midnight screenings similar to The Room and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’m glad they can enjoy it in a guilty pleasure fashion, but not me. Tom Hooper’s big-screen adaption of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s popular musical was DOA when that first trailer dropped. As I was witnessing whatever this tried to be, it was undoubtedly lifeless throughout when traces of a plot was found nowhere when every scene with these actors acting like the feline house pets felt shameful. 

The songs are unlistenable now; the CGI is horrific, and I feel pain every time I look at a single still from it. You know you did something wrong when the live-action Cat in the Hat movie looks normal. Cats is one of those movies I would show to my enemies whenever they’ve angry me, and they must watch all of this through. What’s worse is that it made Universal lose money after it bombed at the box office recently. When Judi Dench was looking into the camera at the end singing the last song, I had no clue what reaction was supposed to take place. And if I heard the word “Jellicle” one more freakin’ time, I will throw something. Don’t be like me and see this. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!!

8) ‘Jem and the Holograms’ (2015)

Stefanie Scott, Aubrey Peeples, and Hayley Kiyoko in Jem and the Holograms (2015)

Jem and the Holograms was automatically doomed from the start when that first trailer released online. That trailer is still the worst I’ve ever seen. Coming from someone who has never seen the ’80s cartoon, even I can tell this was going to angry fans on a whole other level. But how it that Universal and Blumhouse put together the most uninspiring and botched box office bomb of the source material with little effort? So bad that they pulled it from theaters after two weeks.

This wasn’t made for anybody, and even its target audience had no idea what this was and didn’t pay to see it, thankfully. They put these poor actors with this resemblance of a script filled with annoying songs and a robot that beat-box around a super cliché story about pop stars. It’s even more insulting to fans when the controversy came out when they used videos of saying how Jem inspired them. But in a manipulated move, they made it seem like they’re talking about the movie version of Jem. Truly, Truly, outrageously horrendous. At least Jon M. Chu went to direct a successful movie later on with Crazy Rich Asians.

7) ‘Pixels’ (2015)

Pixels (2015)

Maybe classic video games shouldn’t get the big-screen treatment yet. But Adam Sandler and his friends made this sci-fi comedy hard to watch. At first glance, Pixels had the potential to be entertaining, if a little dumb for a premise about aliens invading Earth with arcade characters. Nope, it was all dumb and no fun found. Even when you got a director like Chris Columbus, the man behind Home Alone and the first two Harry Potter films, it still serves as a typical farce when the Futurama episode that’s similar was much funnier. 

Pixels had nothing going for it when it took this cool idea and ran it to the ground with these poorly constructed jokes that didn’t land and when it tried desperately to be the next Ghostbusters. Did we really need to see Josh Gad hump the floor while trying to sing “Everybody Wants to Rule the World?” This shouldn’t be bad when they got Q*Bert in here. I had this as the worst movie of 2015, and I’m sticking by it.

6) ‘Independence Day: Resurgence‘ (2016)

Jeff Goldblum and Liam Hemsworth in Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

It was frustrating trying to figure out how Independence Day: Resurgence failed to be that next big summer blockbuster. The original 1996 film with Will Smith wasn’t the greatest sci-fi movie ever made, but it made to be an entertaining popcorn flick to be enjoyable. This is the exact opposite when director Roland Emmerich made me not want to go back to this franchise. The trailers themselves weren’t bad. What happened? A very mishandled script that tried to recapture the glory that its 20-year predecessor garnered.

Not even Jeff Goldblum or Bill Pullman couldn’t save this abomination of a sequel. I left the theater angry after sitting in my seat waiting for something exciting to happen. What did this have? Some stupid orb that spouts exposition, horrible acting, and a set-up to a sequel that seems very unlikely. The minute that giant alien queen came on screen, that was when I checked out of the movie entirely. Possibly the biggest sin of all is that there wasn’t a great, inspirational speech like from before. Where was all the fun, you joyless trash?

5) ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ (2014)

Peter Cullen in Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

It ain’t a worst list with including some Transformers hate. Although the fifth installment, The Last Knight, was in contention, I personally think the fourth movie in this never-ending franchise was the most headache-inducing one yet. Around the time this came out, I had no expectations for it since I would not let the bad trailers fool me, and I was right. Almost 3 hours of torture with very little positive things about it, and this piece of crap made over a billion dollars worldwide. Michael Bay never seems to listen to the audience and lacks the brain cells to improve on anything but relying on the same freakin’ things all over again.

Besides Bumblebee and the first Transformers, to a certain extent, I never fully understand why people enjoy these loud blockbusters when it offers nothing new. Terribly shot action sequences, bad dialogue, overly long, and making us wait till the third act to see the Dinobots, what a disgrace to cinema with no logic. This might have landed on this because of a three-minute scene where a character is explaining how he can have sex with Mark Wahlberg’s underage daughter. Not even an Imagine Dragons tune could safe Transformers: Age of Extinction. If you want to see someone rant on this movie in a hilarious fashion, check out this video with the late Jon Schnepp on the Schmoes Know Movie Show.

4) ‘That’s My Boy’ (2012)

Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg in That's My Boy (2012)

Director Sean Anders might have given us Instant Family, which was a surprisingly good comedy about the values of family, but back in 2012, he dared to make an Adam Sandler movie where he’s the childish father of Andy Samberg. It was rare to see Sandler in an R-rated comedy, but that couldn’t help That’s My Boy from being painfully awkward to sit through. There was no chemistry between him or Samberg and having a mean-spirited screenplay that isn’t funny in the slightest made the suffering worse.

I’m almost certain there’s nothing about funny about statutory rape and incest. At no point do you ever even come close to caring about this so-called father figure, and every single character are morons not seeing through his obvious lies. If you’ve seen the Robert De Niro/Zac Efron comedy Dirty Grandpa but not this, this is pretty much the same.

3) ‘Movie 43’ (2013)

Elizabeth Banks and Josh Duhamel in Movie 43 (2013)

It’s a comedy so bad that it makes Freddy Got Fingered look like Lawrence of Arabia. Movie 43 is a 97-minute anthology movie that contains comedy sketches with well-known celebrities with absurd concepts that wouldn’t make it in good sketch comedy programs. Just in the first five minutes, this was going downhill in a blaze of glory. Every single actor and director involved were probably embarrassed when this movie came out when they did not understand what they signed on for. Wasted! Even Richard Gere tried to get out of this God-forsaken movie, but they moved the set to where he lives. Richard Roeper said it best when describing it as “the Citizen Kane of awful.”

Crude doesn’t always lead to being funny. I didn’t see this in the theater, but when I rented it, I walked out of my room and out into the cloudy outside environment. Whether it’s a sketch where Hugh Jackman has balls on his neck, Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott getting beat up by Gerard Butler as a leprechaun, or Elizabeth Banks being disgusted by a cartoon cat pleasuring itself to a picture of Josh Duhamel, everything about Movie 43 is a gigantic disgrace to comedy, and it might be worse than most of the spoof movies out there.

2) ‘The Last Airbender’ (2010)

Noah Ringer in The Last Airbender (2010)

If you thought Jem and the Holograms was the only terrible cartoon adaptation, there’s no way of forgetting that M. Night Shyamalan completely ruined the classic Nickelodeon show with his take on The Last Airbender. Not the best way to celebrate my 14th birthday. Even though I didn’t watch the cartoon growing up but knew everybody loved it, I knew everything that was wrong about it just from the cringe mispronunciation of the name “Aang.”

Besides the point of white-washing these well-known characters, all the performances were abysmal and dry, especially Jackson Rathbone as Sokka, the writing is uninspired, the visual effects looked very unrealistic, lifeless action sequences, and Shyamalan tried to cram in three seasons worth of stories into one movie. Why is it baffling to see six guys to lift one rock? The Last Airbender is most definitely the worst movie to come from Nickelodeon when there’s no fun found anywhere because it took itself seriously.

1) ‘Jack and Jill’ (2011)

Adam Sandler in Jack and Jill (2011)

Happy Madison has produced a lot of questionable comedies over the years. But on March 11, 2012, that is a day that will live long in infamy, as this was the very exact day that I rented Jack and Jill from the library, knowing very little of what I was going to watch. There’s no way somebody over at Hollywood thought the premise of Adam Sandler plays two twin siblings, one of whom is female, and thought it was going to be Oscar-worthy. The fact that I watch this in its entirety without stopping it made me feel like a champion.

Jack and Jill is single-handedly the most annoying movie to come out in recent memory where it tried super hard to make me laugh and failed hastily. Its record-breaking 10 Razzie wins is well-deserved for the poor people involved with a comedy that made me lose faith in this man afterward. And why did they bring Al Pacino in this to have an attraction to Jill?! We all thought the same thing after he watched his Dunkin’ Donuts commercial, ” All copies, destroy them.” With an insufferable script that contains fart jokes, ridiculous amounts of product placement, and laugh-free humor that would make Norbit jealous, Jack and Jill earn the high ranking as the worst movie to grace the screens in the 2010s.


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