Nerve Review

Imagine if the game actually existed in real life, everybody would be more addicted to this than Pokemon Go. It could happen, people. In Nerve, Vee (Emma Roberts) is a high school student that never takes any risk in her life until she becomes a player in a highly active online game called “Nerve”, it’s basically truth or dare minus the truth, in which people can dare someone to do something dangerous. And Vee tags along with Ian (Dave Franco) across the city as the watchers want them to team up.

Nerve sounded generic from the premise and this could’ve gone really terrible, and by judging from the trailer, there wasn’t an ounce of excitement before checking this out. And to my surprise, Nerve is a thriller that’s smart in certain ways. Even if this was an actual online game, I personally wouldn’t do it. But it’s risky see the characters doing dangerous dares that can exceed at any certain point of the night.

Emma Roberts and Dave Franco in Nerve (2016)

It’s excellently held by Directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman (Catfish, Paranormal Activity 3) providing an energetic feel throughout while having a style that doesn’t feel tiring once it starts. Both Roberts and Franco worked well together and they had some chemistry between the two them. This is also pretty fast-paced as there really wasn’t moment that felt dull. After a while, this kind of became inconsistent and unbelievable because if this situation was real, it will be unrealistic what these people are doing for cash and views.

Most of the acts being performed should have gotten somebody arrested, but the film makes you suspend disbelief. Also, I highly doubt that half of the population of New York would really watch Nerve. And this actually had a conclusion that’s smart when thinking about it.

Emma Roberts and Dave Franco in Nerve (2016)

This also has an underlying message about people who never have the balls to take chances anything in their lives and gives a good understanding of people and technology in the social media world can control our society today. Try thinking of this as a blend of Premium Rush and Unfriended.

Even though it’s inconsistent and flawed, but enjoyable for what it was, Nerve is clever and pull good chemistry between its two leads.

Grade: B-

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