The Witch Review

Hearing horror movies are great from festivals and screening are too good to be true at first. But at first glance, The Witch is a good horror movie. Not great, but at times suspenseful. The story especially involving a Puritan family dealing with witchcraft and black magic sounded interesting enough. Robert Eggers makes a great directorial effort and somewhere else in the realms of horror will come up in his filmography. Anya Taylor-Joy was very good and hopefully, she’ll be in more films later on. It’s a slow-burning horror movie to where it’s sometimes there’s silence and a lot of padding shots in some scenes when it’s realized, even though the cinematography was flawless. But besides those problems, there are certain scenes where it’s so creepy without spoiling anything. And Black Phillip is going to be an animal that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.


While at times it wasn’t nearly as scary, The Witch sets a creepy tone throughout and it’s well directed and acted but kind of underwhelming, to say the least. Maybe upon a second viewing, my thoughts could change.

Grade: B

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