Gods of Egypt Review

Alex Proyas is a talented director as shown in The Crow and I, Robot. It clearly seems like didn’t even try as he doesn’t care about enjoyment, he probably cared about making a terrible movie to really let us rip into it altogether. What can’t be said about Gods of Egypt that’s already going to be talked about anyway? The trailers made the film look even more terrible. Absolutely nothing was decent nor exciting in the two-hour runtime that makes it more badly paced. It’s bad enough to where they couldn’t even cast Egyptian actors to play you know… Egyptians! Nikolaj Coster-Waldau seems like he trying to give a committed performance, but Gerard Butler was just over-the-top awful. And this isn’t a guilty pleasure bad to where it’s funny, it’s just an insult to the eyes and ears.


Horrible CGI, dull acting, and a story that’s very unbelievably lazy, Gods of Egypt is an atrocity to the swords and sandals genre that makes awful movies like The Legend of Hercules, Pompeii, and the Titans franchise look like best picture winners, and it’s painful to sit through.

Grade: F

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