Money Monster Review

Hostages movie are made to make you grip in your seat and wonder how the characters will end up in the outcome. It does happen in Money Monster as it’s dwindled down to a generic thriller. This film has a solid cast of good talents as well as an actress who’s actually good at directing. But the premise didn’t sound like anything new, and because the trailer showed the entire movie, in my opinion, I knew what was coming. Money Monster isn’t all that interesting for a hostage negotiating and exploring the themes of Wall Street talk as the subject matter just doesn’t matter especially when some people don’t know what it means.

As always, George Clooney and Julia Roberts do their best with what they’re working with sometimes. But Jack O’Connell (Unbroken) was a mixed bag because there were times where he’s good but tends to be over-the-top in a few scenes. It’s disappointing because this should’ve in the same ballpark as The Negotiator and The Taking of Pelham 123 mashed up. Jodie Foster, directing her fourth film, is a director who should do more because she’s a good director but I feel like this is a premise that could’ve worked better in the 90s. Also, this should’ve have come out at the beginning of the Summer as it should’ve had a spot back in March.

George Clooney and Jack O'Connell in Money Monster (2016)

Money Monster isn’t exactly a good thriller to come out, especially at the beginning of the summer season, but it doesn’t feel all that tense or memorable. C+

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