Green Room Review

A punk rock band trying to escape a neo-Nazi group after witnessing a murder in this 90-minute nerve-racking and is a good way for an indie horror territory of a film. Green Room is good but it wasn’t as special as hoping it would be when hearing how great it was from early reactions. This brought a lot of tenses scenes that are scary or gory. It reminded me a little bit of 2002’s Panic Room to where it’s a situation taking place in one setting that you can’t get out of, and keep wondering how to deal with it.

Upon watching this and knowing about this before going into this, it’s so ironic that two of the stars of the Star Trek universe actors in this, Anton Yelchin and Patrick Stewart. Both of them were fantastic in their roles even though there should be a scene where Stewart lets it all out and he felt like in underwhelming antagonist that should’ve been great.

But with the problem structure, certain times it’s slow and I wanted something to happen in most moments. And most of the characters aren’t that smart. Like there was one particular scene where it’s horror cliche 101 to where you’re thinking “Really?” Nevertheless, it’s suspenseful, gritty, and gripping, for the most part.


Green Room is still a good claustrophobic cat and mouse thriller bringing good tension to scenes when it’s needed and leaves you unsettling until the end. B

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