Me Before You Review

Romances movies can either leave you with tissues in your pockets or it can leave you wanting more. With Me Before You’s case, it’s probably the latter. What this went for is that it feels different from other romantic movies and the best thing about this it isn’t a Nicolas Sparks’ adaptation with horrible writing or acting.

Both Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) and Sam Claflin (Hunger Games Franchise) are talented actors but their chemistry wasn’t there all the way through. Clarke was so energetic and cheerful as Louisa, though she could come off as annoying and Claflin at times was fine but his character was unlikable for the first half kind of being a dick and it’s clear that he’s a quadriplegic and doesn’t care about the way his life turned out but doesn’t mean he has to be that way.

Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke in Me Before You (2016)

But some may differ on the way it conclusions but one of those endings that need thinking. And by thinking, it applies to why they decided to go that route. Something about it felt wrong and it tried to support this message in this worst way possible. It is disappointing, to say the least, because this should’ve been this summer’s The Fault In Our Stars, and it wasn’t.

Me Before You wasn’t all that conflicting for a romantic summer drama and it doesn’t have enough emotional moments that worked.

Grade: C+

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