Eye in the Sky Review

Risk takes on everything. Even in the most dangerous of situations. What Eye in the Sky succeeded is how political it handles while offbeat it can be. Gavin Hood (Tsotsi, Ender’s Game) directed a well tense film that’s saying a lot especially timely so what with what’s happening in our world now by using drone warfare keeping the lives of others safe. This compels in the arguments of the rules of engagement what’s the right thing to do to get the mission done and simple. Sometimes it could be easy or otherwise, putting others lives in danger and the outcome might be impactful resulting in collateral damage.

The script was sharp though it’s hard understanding what they meant at first. But if the film wasn’t that great, the performances were dynamic. Helen Mirren was fantastic, Aaron Paul gives the best performance in his film career, and Alan Rickman also giving a unique role in one of his last performances before his untimely death. And what a role to go out on. With every decision they make, it’s the suspense that keeps getting interesting until the last act, which was very much so riveting.


Eye in the Sky’s realization of how modern warfare is used today brought out an intelligent and suffice thriller.

Grade: B

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