Jason Bourne Review

It’s about time we see another chapter following Jason Bourne in this adventure. Matt Damon has reunited with director Paul Greengrass in the fourth collaboration in the Bourne franchise with Jason Bourne. Now that 2012’s The Bourne Legacy was a giant misstep, it would be a nice to have an action-packed sequel. For the most part, it was. However, I just wasn’t mentally hooked throughout.

Jason Bourne feels like a lazy sequel at best. Damon pushes his iconic role as Jason Bourne to new limits as we found out more about his past. He carries the movie on his shoulders and still commits to this role although there isn’t anything new to follow. What’s also interesting to remember is that he didn’t have many lines.

Matt Damon in Jason Bourne (2016)

Tommy Lee Jones was very good in his role and Alicia Vikander as the standout. But what pushed this into not being great action movie was the story. Nothing really felt new and it just relied on feeling it played out as some greatest hits of what we’ve seen in the last four films.

And then everything else surrounding it was either confusing or boring to follow and wasn’t interesting or locked down to one central story especially a plotline about this social media problem and it took me out whenever it cuts to those scenes. The script needed a lot of work. This also took a long while to get to the crux of the plot but when it does, it delivers.

Greengrass is the best director who can shoot action the way he does. The action and fight scenes were spectacular with the motorcycle chase at the beginning down to the third act, which was fantastic with a chase scene on the Vegas strip that might be on par with the NYC chase from the third installment.

Matt Damon in Jason Bourne (2016)

Overall, it’s great to see Damon back with the things that we love about this franchise like the action and even Moby’s “Extreme Ways” playing during the end credits, but it’s just that this story wasn’t that memorable in an unfortunate circumstance. It’s a sad factor that they came back for a sequel like this along with the downgrading summer blockbusters this year.

Jason Bourne is the weakest out of the Greengrass/Damon films but still a good thriller while being a disappointment as a fan of the first three movies.

Grade: B-

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