Don’t Breathe Review

With the most recent horror movies, half of them never truly have what it takes to become scary and deal the same exact problems with the most dreadful ones. This summer actually proved that these movies aren’t that bad bringing in terror to our eyes like Lights Out, The Conjuring 2, and now Don’t Breathe brings the tension to this genre.

The simple enough premise of three robbers breaking into a blind man’s home and don’t know the abilities he has for being dangerous. Sounds typical enough, but as it goes forward with the story, it just creepy all the way through. Fede Alvarez, who wrote and directed the remake of Evil Dead, is the next director to look out for especially with horror. He knows how to direct anything horror related just building up suspense and the sound to make it scary or somehow foreshadowing something coming out.

Stephen Lang in Don't Breathe (2016)

He didn’t rely on a lot of gore in this one, which made Don’t Breathe feel genuine. The performances of Jane Levy (Evil Dead, TV’s Suburgatory) and Dylan Minnette (Prisoners, Goosebumps) shouldn’t go without mentioning. Both of them know what fear is. Just from the expressions on their face that they’re trying so hard not to be caught just like you the audience tried to. But Stephen Lang (Avatar) as the blind man was literally scary. Though he’s blind, he can just kill for just from a sound. There are actual scares that didn’t felt forced when they happen, it really made you hold your breath just like the characters.

Dylan Minnette, Jane Levy, and Daniel Zovatto in Don't Breathe (2016)

There’s a scene that’s just in the dark makes you not want to sleep tonight after that. It does have shades of 2002’s Panic Room with some of the characters and the tone of it. Which isn’t a bad thing at all but it differs some similarities. If nail biting isn’t the right choice of words to describe how genius this movie was, I don’t know what it.

Don’t Breathe was a great original home invasion horror movie that’s smart and terrifying. This might be the best horror movie of the year by far.

Grade: A-

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