The Boss Review

When the last movie you directed was 2014’s unfunny Tammy, there isn’t a possibility your next project won’t be good either. Director Ben Falcone is a funny guy but he’s not great at directing comedy, which didn’t happen in The Boss. It’s sometimes odd that Melissa McCarthy is offered to play unlikable characters like in Tammy and Identity Thief, and in this, her personality never changed. So as Michelle Darnell, she does not care.  Kristen Bell had nothing to work with as she chooses the wrong projects to be in. Just hoping the sequel to Frozen comes out soon. And Peter Dinklage was such a cartoon villain who has a history with Michelle Darnell, who had to compete with her. Especially in the third act, he went on crazy mode. Throughout this weak comedy like a dumb fight scene that’s in the trailer, there are so many poorly written jokes that might feel forced and overused when it’s said by a character.

The Boss does nothing but keeps relying on unfunny gags and McCarthy almost not even caring she’s there on set.

Grade: D+


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