Trolls Review

For someone who had never played with the Good Luck Troll dolls, for which this is based off on, it’s easy to say that Trolls wasn’t going to be leaning towards me. Wasn’t optimistic at first because the trailers, especially the first, weren’t impressive enough to care how this will turn out. To a surprise, Trolls was better than I expected.

Keeping the plot short, these creatures called Bergens kidnapped Poppy’s (voiced by Anna Kendrick) friends and it’s up to her and the grouch, Branch (voiced by Justin Timberlake) to team up and save them from being eaten.

Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick in Trolls (2016)

This is actually a beautifully animated with pretty colorful settings and characters almost feeling psychedelic. Which this is the weekend to get high to with this and Doctor Strange when thinking about it. Plus, it’s pretty funny. The voice talents fitted into this well enough. You can never go wrong with Anna Kendrick (my future wife) and Justin Timberlake with it’s something music related. As for voicing Poppy and Branch, both of them had very good chemistry with each other. And others like Zooey Deschanel, Christine Baranski as well as others did a fine job.

The way they incorporated popular music in this actually worked very well. These were songs they are familiar including the summer hit “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”, “September”,The Sound of Silence”, etc. If I remembered correctly, there was a cover of Gorillaz’s Clint Eastwood in here. Shocked, but happy when it happened. Probably where it has problems is that the a story that’s pretty predictable. The second half kind of gets bogged down a little bit when it focuses on a Cinderella-type storyline, and it wouldn’t help if there was more music for my sake.

This didn’t feel like any sort of cash grab even though it’s based on toys. Let’s face it. The LEGO Movie didn’t it a lot better, but some kids today don’t even know these dolls and it’s a chance for them to understand how popular they were back then. But it deals with a good important message for kids about acceptable of other people that affect how you feel while also being okay to be happy and it’s a good one at best.

As a Dreamworks film, it’s perfectly fine for a younger audience as it not quite there with Shrek or Kung Fu Panda.  Not one of the best-animated movies of the year, but it’s a real surprise and was enjoyable.

Trolls is colorful, has good music, and delivers a good message for kids.

Grade: B-

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