Sausage Party Review

You would never want to eat or even look at your food ever again. Or never take your children to see this. Not even if they beg. Just thinking about how Sausage Party came to seemed like Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg smoked something and just thought of a brainstorming idea of writing an R-Rated animated comedy involving talking food while that makes fun of something like Pixar.

This just feels like a horror movie where it honestly shows the reality of what happens to food after you buy them in the funniest manner possible but thinking they believe we humans are gods and going out the supermarket is heaven.

Edward Norton, David Krumholtz, Seth Rogen, and Kristen Wiig in Sausage Party (2016)

The variety of voice talents is what to expect from a Seth Rogen movie including Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Edward Norton, etc. all of them are as unique to their talking counterparts. Sausage Party is like South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut or Team America: World Police to where it will insult everybody and it will offend every race imaginable by a unique look at the world that’s being discussed today and the social community along with it.

The usage of f-bombs didn’t hurt the film or was bothersome to me but it’s crazy thinking that my animated actual food saying these words. Pretty much where it falters is it wasn’t as raunchy as it could’ve been just from judging from the trailers, a few jokes were sometimes okay, but not gut-busting hilarious, and the majority of the movie pretty much takes place at the supermarket, which was a bit disappointing, to say the least. When it came to the second act, it kind of lost was steam for a while.

Michael Cera and Jonah Hill in Sausage Party (2016)

But overall this really consist so many laughs and very clever with the jokes and food-related puns.  And just when you thought this couldn’t get any weirder, the third act of this might be the strangest and most messed up thing ever for an animated movie that can’t leave your brain.

Sausage Party is so strange but it’s really good as an R-Rated animated movie. Not as raunchy as it would be but it’s very funny fast-paced comedy.

Grade: B

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