The Brothers Grimsby Review

There has to be a point in Sasha Baron Cohen’s career where he’s thinking if he’s taking any of his work too far? Or better yet he chose this over the Freddie Mercury biopic? And at this point, he reached the limit. The Brothers Grimsby isn’t for anyone if so it’s targeted for four-year-olds. Cohen’s humor is becoming very tiresome and stale. He and Mark Strong were terrible together and did not have the chemistry as brothers. The writing was juvenile to where “The Cartoon Cat”, created by Schmoes Know, didn’t how to blend a spy comedy and actual humor together So many scenes were outrageous but in a bad way. Really disgusting scenes that would go that far to be as raunchy as raunchy can get. Like the “gag” that was shown to the audience during Jimmy Kimmel Live! was just wrong in all the wrong ways. And it’s short too as it’s 83 minutes. Even in comedy standards, I expected to be longer.


The Brothers Grimsby is full of garbage for being completely idiotic in every scene in a bad way and downright humorless.

Grade: D

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