Zootopia Review

There’s absolutely nothing that brings Disney down with their run of fantastic animation movies. Right off of the Oscar-winning Frozen and Big Hero 6, Zootopia was a blast and a well done, fast-paced animation that really has a lot to say what’s it this society is really about. Having this world with just animals, predators and prey included, living together do daily things humans do tells in a way that shows how we really are as humans.

The voice talents are the best and the pairing of the smart rabbit, Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) and the clever con-artist fox, Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) great characters even though you can see how their relationship will turn out. Also, Hopps sets as a great role model for young girls to follow their dreams. Also, the humor was hilarious and didn’t fall flat when it’s used whether it’s scenes with Judy and Nick interacting with each other to sloths working at the DMV, which is laugh-out-loud hilarious and provided some clever oxymoron.

While it does have laughs, it’s smart screenplay also goes deep into the story. And it delivers a good message about how we deal with some real problems in society and seeing how other people might be thinking about what they are on the outside, but what inside that means something.


Zootopia was funny, clever, and fascinating on how we see our society but with animals. 

Grade: A-

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