Alice Through the Looking Glass Review

This feels like the year of sequels that not a single person asked for. But 2010’s Alice in Wonderland was the second highest grossing movie of that year so why not? Tim Burton didn’t direct Alice Through the Looking Glass but now James Bobin (The Muppets) but it feels like Burton had days where he was behind the camera. There wasn’t any whimsical to the found in this, only headaches are what had been found in this. There’s nothing that exciting or adventitious to follow in a family that’s two hour feels like five. Not even the concept of time travel didn’t help at all. Everybody was either blank stared the whole time and be pretentious all over. Just not good acting overall minus Mia Wasikowska. She still does a good job as Alice in this and the last movie. Johnny Depp still acts too wacky as The Mad Hatter and you don’t care why he’s so depressed or how he became the way he is. This is also bad timing for this to be released with the drama happening with Depp right now. There are so many plots are spread around and it didn’t have a great balance for a sequel to handle.


The CGI is crappy and fake, the humor is flat, and the story is forgettable, Alice Through the Looking Glass is a colorful vomit inducing mess of a sequel, just like The Huntsman, nobody asked for or wanted. D+


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