Music Recommendations #6

How it’s going, everybody? I hope you all are safe in your homes and keeping yourselves healthy. There will be some upcoming reviews in the next few days, but I feel like it’s a good enough time to talk about some new music recommendations.

I missed last month since I didn’t listen to a ton of brand new music to fully talk about them. But I feel like I will now post these randomly instead of doing it when the month ends. This time around, I picked a mixture of new and older songs I couldn’t get my mind lately, and it would be best to share them with you guys. Like always, please enjoy if you stumble upon any of them.

“Square One”- Tom Petty

Let’s start talking with some Tom Petty. He’s one of my favorite artists of all-time, and “Square One” is one of his more underrated gems. This was first heard in Elizabethtown, and I forgot that was included in The Best of Everything collection. The mellow-ness of the track ease into how it can be relatable for someone who just wants to come back home and start over, earning this to be a beautiful tune.

“Caution”- The Killers

The Killers released a new single from their upcoming album, Imploding the Mirage, called “Caution.” They are a band I fully respect since they’ve put out some great songs in the past, and Brandon Flowers has a nice voice. He had this to say in describing the track, “It’s sort of about having the wherewithal to listen to that angel on your shoulder, even if they’re telling you something that you don’t want to hear.” It’s another awesome song from them. Also, Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac has a guitar solo. No wonder why I can’t get enough hearing it.

“I Won’t Go Hollywood” and “Somebody Else”- Bleu

Bleu’s music has been on my radar over the past few weeks. When I randomly watched the trailer for this 2006 movie called American Dreamz, they used “I Won’t Go Hollywood” and I’m now obsessed with this song. This came out when alternative music was killing it, and it’s a simple song about trying not to become a burn-out in the Hollywood scene. Man, this would’ve been something to put on my MP3 when I was a kid.

Another song from Bleu that I can’t get enough of is called “Somebody Else,” which also came from his album Redhead and on the Spider-Man soundtrack as well. This is for anybody who feels like they need to change, but it is alright to feel just like yourself. Seriously, why is “Hero” the most talked-about song on the soundtrack when we have a listenable song right here? He is an underappreciated artist, guys. I dropped his first album from Spotify if you want to give him a listen.

“Jeannie Becomes A Mom”- Caroline Rose

Need some indie pop-rock? Let me talk about Caroline Rose. She just released a new album this month, Superstar, and I’m glad I discovered her music. Though “Jeannie Becomes A Mom” comes from her previous record Loner, this is freakin’ catchy. Rose said a friend who became pregnant and made to think about her goals in wanting to improve her dreams to comfort her state of mind inspired this song.

“Who’s Gonna Love Me Now”- Cold War Kids

I’ve previously talked about Cold War Kids before. Now the underrated band has a new single called “Who’s Gonna Love Me Now” that will be featured on New Age Norms 2. This has a sound that’s has a vibe compared to something like The Black Keys. Just give it a listen and tell me this belongs in the opening credits of a movie. Good vocals from Nathan Willett, as always, and it will get stuck in your head.

“Long Time Coming”- Caitlyn Smith

I’ve never heard of Caitlyn Smith before listening to “Long Time Coming.” Now, I’m willing to give her discography a chance since this is an amazing song. This is one of the most difficult times we are living in right now as we speak, but this is a song mainly about hope and how we are going to make it through our darkest days, hopefully, making everything alright. And that solo before the bridge, that’s when a song gets good from there.

“I’m With You”- Avril Lavigne

Throwing in some Avril Lavigne isn’t going to hurt anyone, so I’m picking my favorite song from her, “I’m With You.” I absolutely love this that’s made for those who were teenagers when she released this from her debut record. She wrote this about the loneliness that we suffer from and how we just need someone to feel comforting. Many of her tracks are those I can’t get enough of, but nothing beats “I’m With You.”

“Blackened Blue Eyes”- The Charlatans

And the last song recommendation is “Blackened Blue Eyes” by The Charlatans, which is one of my all-time favorites. The first time I heard this was when this played over the end credits for Jumper, the one thing I find redeemable about that movie. The band itself has a few songs I’ve listened to in the past, but after 12 years, I can’t get enough. Love the lyrics and everything from the piano and the guitar riffs, this manages to be better with every listen I get from it.





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