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My monthly music recommendations are back. At the end of each month, I would talk about several songs that I’ve been listening to and offer up my thoughts on them. There weren’t a lot of new releases that I listened to throughout January (besides one), but that doesn’t stop me from still recommending a few older songs that I like. Please enjoy and give a listen to my picks.

“Me & You Together Song” – The 1975

Let me start by saying I’m not a fan of The 1975, since their music doesn’t exactly speak to me and I can’t say I’m a fan of Matty Healy. But their recent single “Me & You Together Song” has been growing on me Its sound feels like it could fit into the ’90s era of pop music all about love. Plus, it actually sounds like the band Busted. Remember them? Probably the most relatable songs I’ve listened to in a while since I’ve liked somebody for a while but probably don’t share the same feelings. Nice job, The 1975, for actually crafting together a good song.

“High Enough” – K.Flay

K. Flay has slowly become one of my favorite female artists over the last year. “High Enough” is one of her tracks I can’t get enough of every time I listen to it for random sake. I love the lyrics that tell you’re able to have fun, even if you’re not high or wasted. It’s a good thing I didn’t watch¬†Riverdale¬†before hearing this.

“Closer”- Teagan and Sara

Tegan and Sara haven’t been on my radar for a while, but their most popular song “Closer” is a massive jam. It’s upbeat, synth vibe throughout the song is fun, sounding like it would fit in the ’80s. A catchy song about young love.

“White Knuckles”- Tegan and Sara

Another song from Tegan and Sara, I stumbled upon “White Knuckles” after searching for other songs from them. A slower about the twin sisters’ past about the conflicting issues they had with each other when first starting the band. Sara wrote her emotions all out with a deserving message that’s understood.

“I’ll Still Have Me”- CYN

Where was I when CYN’s “I’ll Still Have Me” came out? Mellow and such a perfect song to slow dance to, her angelic vocals and lyrics about if she has somebody that doesn’t love her back, at least she has herself after everything.

“City of Blinding Lights”- U2

I’m not the biggest U2 fan, ut they put out insanely good music. “City of Blinding Lights,” the Grammy-award winning track from How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb is one of their more underrated songs. Talk about something that builds when it hits the chorus. The first time I remember hearing this was in The Devil Wears Prada when Anne Hathaway’s character arrives in Paris. This is a great song not only because it’s one of Barack Obama’s favorite songs, but it’s also beautiful knowing despite how we change, we are still loved.

“Demons”- Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells has so many songs in their discography that pumps me up. They are the type of band that knows noise rock better than anything else. Out of everything from their second album Reign of Terror, “Demons” regimentally rocks. I first heard this back during my senior year of high school and hasn’t let me down since. Derek Miller’s guitaring during the opening is epic, then the rest of the song is an eargasm as you’re rocking out. Somebody needs to throw this in an action movie, most likely during a fight sequence done in one uncut take.

“Dry Your Eyes”- Angels & Airwaves

The last song to talk about comes from Angels & Airwaves entitled “Dry Your Eyes.” Love is an album I have mixed feelings on, but it has some of the best songs from the band. “Dry Your Eyes” has been on repeat recently, sounding like a combination of a blink-182 song called “Violence” and another one of AvA’s songs “Everything’s Magic” with its upbeat temps, and their combined sounds together to make one awesome track.

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