Music Recommendations- November 2019

Is it already that time to give some of my new music recommendations for the month? Indeed, it is. This is the right time to talk about some of the songs that I’ve been listening to in November, and hoping you guys will enjoy them too.

In this installment, I’m going to give you four new releases that have been on rotation last month, as well as a few throwback tracks that I feel are good enough to share. Now, let’s get talkin’!

“Calm Your Nerves”- Cold War Kids

The first song to recommend comes from Cold War Kids and their track “Calm Your Nerves” from “New Age Norms 1.” The album already included “Complainer,” but there’s something about the sound that “Calm Your Nerves” has when the interpretation I gathered from listening to it shows that someone is willing to keep one’s company and make that person feel safe and unharmed.

“Blinded Lights”- The Weeknd

Next up, The Weeknd dropped two new singles a few days ago with “Blinded Lights” and “Heartless,” and out of the two, the former is the best due to its 80s sounding vibe throughout. Normally, The Weeknd doesn’t do it for me that much, but I gave it a chance, and it’s the type of song that’s perfect to play during a high-speed chase.

“Jacqueline”- Circa Waves

Circa Waves’ “Jacqueline” is one of the more recent songs I stumbled upon in the past week. This single off their upcoming album, “Sad Happy,” is ultimately catchy and upbeat, even though there might be some story behind it that’s quite the opposite. Then I realized it’s really about a mother trying her hardest after having a child, but that doesn’t mean life will bring you down because it will lead to happier moments later on.

Let’s call this a relevant song that most can relate to in a heartbeat.

“Used To Like”- Neon Trees

Did you know Neon Trees had a new song? Neither did I until recently. They released “Used To Like,” after a two-year hiatus, and I’m glad their back. The Synth-Pop tune sounds like classic Neon Trees as it tells how everything should be awesome when being in a relationship and not noticing the problems in between.

Even after hits like “Animal” and “1983,” it seems like the underrated band hasn’t lost their style. All in all, a great song that gets better with each listens.

Throwback Track: “Stock Image”- Miya Folick

When I saw Bishop Briggs perform in Chicago, both Jax Anderson and Miya Folick were the headliners before she came on stage and both were true discoveries. Folick’s style of music is like Bjork with an indie rock touch to it. One of the songs that I put on constant repeat from her is “Stock Image” off her debut album.

How have I not known about her before last month? She has incredible vocals, and “Stock Image” is beautiful and vibrant about feeling like you’re lost and just want to feel free when it seems like you’re empty inside. I’ll also throw in “Give It To Me” if you want to listen to a song that makes you feel alive.

Throwback Track: “Born to Rise”- Redlight King

Canadian band Redlight King doesn’t really get talked about much when they become a little prevalent in the early 2010s. By far, my favorite song from them is “Born to Rise” from their album “Irons in the Fire.”

If you remember the Kevin Costner football drama¬†Draft Day, this played during the end credits. A track that’s all about standing up against what keeps us down and not stopping us in any way. I haven’t listened to it in a while, and it still rocks.

Throwback Track: “1950”- King Princess

And my last throwback recommendation comes from King Princess and her popular song “1950.” The first time I heard this was when she was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live a couple of weeks ago. There’s this laid back vibe that can be felt throughout the song, which is also a good choice to slow dance along to.

As I was looking up what “1950” means, this is meant for those who are gay or lesbian is different from others shouldn’t be hiding what they love. She discussed the song on a Genius video explaining the meaning, and what she said when going through the lyrics are the best responses. If only I heard this a year ago.

Since we’re already in December, I think it would be appropriate to rank my favorite songs that have been released this year instead of doing recommendations for this month. So, keep an eye out for that!

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