Music Recommendations- October 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, looks like it’s time to switch over to the music side of myself and give some of my music recommendations that I’ve listened to the most throughout October, just for you guys.

Just like with last month, I give my opinions on anything new that was released and give my short and sweet personal thoughts on them, as well as some throwback songs from the past that I want to share. Today, I provide three songs for each section because I’m a nice guy. That said, let’s dig in.

“original me”- YUNGBLUD ft. Dan Reynolds

My first recommendation is “original me” by YUNGBLUD featuring Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds. This song actually made me want to listen to more of YUNGBLUD because he got a good voice, and him collaborating with Reynolds makes for an entertaining track.

I’ll admit it grew on me after listening to it multiple times, and the verdict: it’s catchy. Songs about accepting who you are and just be original are usually the best. Just the energy that came from both vocals makes this listenable for those with problems inside them.

“JEKYLL & HIDE”- Bishop Briggs

The next song is “JEKYLL & HIDE” by Bishop Briggs, one of my favorite female artists. This third single off her upcoming album CHAMPION. Here is another amazing song that’s fire right as the first verse kicks in.

This penned track written by Briggs and K. Flay is another song that can be identified as energetic that tells if a person is hiding secrets from someone. I also love these lyrics right here, “Sweet and then you’re sour, changes by the hour. Never know which one I’ll taste.”

“Big Machine”- The Chevin

The last song to talk about is “Big Machine” by The Chevin. They’re a band that’s a bit unrecognizable, but they provide a solid sound when it comes to rock. With “Big Machine,” it’s another cool song that feels alive in its sound and lyrics, from my perspective.

Throwback Track: “Hold On”- Take That

Take That doesn’t get talked about much as one of the best boy bands out there. What can I say? I enjoy Take That. But one song from their discography that’s underrated is “Hold On” from their fourth album Beautiful World.

Carried through Mark Owen’s voice, it’s a beautiful song about not quitting in a relationship when one is there for the other, telling them to hold on. Such a good song that should get more recognition.

Throwback Track: “Eternity”- Robbie Williams

Speaking of Take That, Robbie Williams was once a part of the group, but he’s much better working on his own. “Eternity” is one of his songs that I recently listened to, and it’s a sweet song. I won’t lie.

Even if it’s not meant to be a romantic song, I find “Eternity” to be a track that’s made for that special and think of the good times that made any kind of relationship worth it.  I can picture this being sung by a character on a musical based show during the finale of a second to last season about two characters destined to be together, only to break-up.

Throwback Track: “Poison Prince”- Amy Macdonald

And the last throwback song that I really liked was “Poison Prince” by Amy Macdonald. I’ve never heard of Macdonald before, but she has a great Scottish voice, which makes the song even better.

All I know about “Poison Prince” is that it’s about Pete Doherty, who she wished would get away from doing drugs, but it has that kind of folk-pop song that I couldn’t get enough of after the first listen. I just love Macdonald singing her lyrics with her accent. Give it a listen.

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