Music Recommendations- September 2019

How’s it going, everybody? To make an effort to talk about music the site a bit more, I figured it would a good idea to start a new segment to discuss some music recommendations for you guys at the end of each month for your discovery.

This is a way of giving my thoughts on the type of music I love listening to and what’s new that came out during the month. Not only that, but I will also give my thoughts on an older song that’s been on my mind and want to share it to the rest of the world. With that taken care of, let’s talk about some music.

“Why Me? Why Not”- Liam Gallagher

Let’s start with what I listened to the most so far, and that is “Why Me? Why Not” by Liam Gallagher, which comes from the title album. I’m a big Oasis fan, and that’s largely due to Liam’s vocals and writing. His sophomore album is a worthy follow-up to his debut As You Were.

Out of all the tracks on there, “Why Me? Why Not” is the one I’ve listened to over a dozen times, and it’s simply amazing every time I listen to it. It hooks you with its catchy chorus and Gallagher’s voice that carries through its lyrics. The production of the song overall is beautiful. This is a song that I hope gets more notice later on because it’s THAT good.

“Green Eyes”- Joseph

The next song is from a band I just knew about a couple of months ago called Joseph with their single “Green Eyes”, the third single that came from their latest album Good Luck, Kid.

The album, itself, is excellent upon repeat listenings, and “Green Eyes” is the second-best song from it. Just listen to the harmonization from the Closner trio, the strumming of the guitar, and the momentum before going into the chorus is great. If you haven’t heard of Joseph, please do yourself a favor and give them a try.

“Father of All…”- Green Day

The last song to talk about that I enjoyed in September is Green Day’s newest song “Father of All…” and it is sick. I love Green Day, and I had no idea that they would drop a new single for their new album in the winter. The single came out alongside Fall Out Boy and Weezer’s latest songs as an announcement of the Hella Mega tour.

“Father of All…” feels like old school Green Day from the first time I listened to it, and the song is basically about not giving a crap about anything going on in our lives. What stood up for me was this kind of sounds similar to Kram’s “Good Love” and Tré Cool’s drumming has gotten me to air drum daily.

Throwback Track: “Terrible Love (Alternate Verison)”- The National

As for my throwback track, the alternate version of “Terrible Love” by The National has been on my mind since I started listening to it earlier this month. This 2010 track from High Violet was used in the second trailer for The Goldfinch a while ago, and it sounds perfect.

“Terrible Love” is the kind of song that puts you in some kind of mood and makes you imagine yourself feeling free in an open field. This gives me goosebumps whenever Bryan Devendorf kicks in with the drums when it gets to, “And I can’t fall asleep
Without a little help”.

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