Trailer Catch-Up May 19-25: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Terminator: Dark Fate, and More

Welcome back to another edition of “Trailer-Catch Up“, the weekly segment where I run down the latest movie trailers that have been released online in the past week and give my general thoughts on them in the process.

And this week gave us plenty of them that were the most talked about, one of which I watched so many times due to the fact it looks pretty amazing. That being said, let’s get these trailers, shall we?

‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ (July 26)

The first trailer that’s gonna be talked about is for the second trailer for one of my most anticipated movies of the year, Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Sony Pictures released this ahead of its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, and it offers up new footage of what’s to be expected, showing Leonardo Dicaprio’s Rick Dalton trying to be a true actor outside his popular television show, more of Margot Robbie’s Sharon Tate, and a glimpse of the Mason family.

I still think it looks amazing. This trailer indicated that I need the movie right now. Like, right now. Having Once Upon a Time Hollywood in the backdrop of the golden age of Hollywood in 1969. Just look at who’s behind it and the talented ensemble (minus Lena Dunham) attached to it. How could no one be the least bit excited about this?

These trailers are already indicating that DiCaprio is going for another Oscar or at least another nomination. Also, am I the only one who really wants to see the movie about Rick Dalton’s killing Nazis with a flamethrower?

Since the story is still under wraps, nobody doesn’t know how Tarantino is gonna thrown in the Mason murders, but we’re only two months away from what could be an Oscar contender. And it’s been getting great buzz from Cannes. Love this trailer. Watch it!

‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ (November 1)

The other big trailer from the past week is the first official trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate, the sixth installment in the Terminator franchise. In Dark Fate, which is said to be a true continuation of Judgment Day, it doesn’t show what the actual plot is about, but all we know is that we see the return of Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) trying to protect Natalia Reyes from Gabriel Luna’s new terminator, the Rev 9.

Was I nervous about this trailer? Yes, because there was no reason to make another Terminator when the last three didn’t come close to the first two James Cameron brought. I’m one of those who really hated Genisys. Even though I can’t say this looks amazing, it looks to be taking a different direction with the story. Just like what they recently did with Halloween.

That being said, this teaser doesn’t offer anything new that we haven’t seen before. The action doesn’t feel exciting, and the CGI could be touched up before its release.

Nice to see Hamilton reprise her role as Sarah Connor, and we only got one look at Arnold Schwarzenegger back as the T-800. We also got to see Mackenzie Davis in more of the action than expected. Deadpool‘s Tim Miller directing this could provide some levity and Cameron producing could mean he has actually been contributing to this.

By the end, I hope Terminator: Dark Fate ends up being a worthy sequel. This isn’t a sequel that I’m dying to see since I’m been burned out from before. And I’m not going to watch the second trailer, because any trailer from this franchise has a reputation to spoiling a major plot point *cough* Genisys *cough *. I also note that I’m bummed the classic theme didn’t play anywhere. Why use an emo cover of Björk’s “Hunter” throughout?

‘Toy Story 4’ (June 21)

Up next is the final trailer for Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story 4, which should appear before Aladdin this weekend. This shows more of what our favorite gang of toys will be up to in this latest adventure.

We’re only a month away for what’s going to be another win for Disney, and I do believe this will be an excellent installment that nobody wanted in the first place.

Though these trailers aren’t particularly great, I’m still anticipating Toy Story 4 like a little kid. Loving the animation as it looks a ton better and it appears to retain the same humor that will get a kick out of everybody. And we also got to see more of one of its newest characters Duke Caboom, voiced by none other than Keanu Reeves.

‘Downton Abbey’ (September 20)

Next is the full-length trailer for Downton Abbey, the continuation of the popular PBS (in the United States) series that lasted for six “series” from 2010 to 2015. This follows the Crawley family and the servants at the titular place are preparing for the arrival from the King and Queen of England. Will drama happen? It is Downton Abbey, of course.

Never watched the television show, so the trailer didn’t bring out any feelings. But fans of the show will surely go out of their way to see the people of Downton on the big screen. Probably won’t end of watching it overall since I’m going to be completely cold walking in.

I will say it’s already gonna be a contender for Costume Design.

‘Abominable’ (September 27)

Next up, DreamWorks Animation and Peral Studio have finally released the official trailer for their next film Abominable. This follows a teenager girl named Yi (voiced by Agents of S.H.E.L.D.‘s Chloe Bennet) discovering a Yeti, naming it “Everest”, on her rooftop and it’s up to her and her friends to go on a journey to Mount Everest.

I don’t know why it took DreamWorks this long to release a trailer since I first saw a different one a month ago when I saw Missing Link, and this does look like a mixture of Missing Link and Smallfoot, respectively. For a movie aimed at kids, it looks alright.

Abominable doesn’t have the most original story in the world, but I think kids will enjoy this, especially with some of the beautiful animation shown in the trailer.

‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’ (August 9)

On Monday, 20th Century Fox unveiled its first trailer to Simon Curtis’ adaptation of Garth Stein’s bestselling novel, The Art of Racing in the Rain. As told from the perspective of a Golden Retriever named Enzo (voiced by Kevin Costner), he recalls his life with his race car driving owner Denny (Milo Ventimiglia).

There hasn’t been a ton of good dog movies lately (with the exception of Isle of Dogs). Personally, Marley & Me was probably the last one that was great. But to my surprise, The Art of Racing in the Rain actually looks like something worth checking out. It might look like another version of A Dog’s Purpose, but this story looks more adorable. It also has Kevin Costner voicing the dog. That’s enough to pay full price.

‘Stuber’ (July 12)

The other trailer 20th Century Fox has released the international trailer for the Kumail Nanjiani/ Dave Bautista action comedy Stuber. Nanjiani’s Uber driver ends up with Bautista’s detective on an adventurous night that’s going be crazy for both of them.

Because of the good buzz that came out of unfinished cut from SXSW, I’m still going to checkout Stuber. The jokes that I laughed in here are the same that I got from the first trailer. But I’m still hopeful that this ends up being a solid buddy comedy for the summer.

‘The Nightingale’ (August 2)

And the last trailer to talk about this week is for The Nightingale, which made its debut at Sundance and is the follow-up from writer-director Jennifer Kent of The Babadook fame.

The Nightingale follows Aisling Franciosi’s Claire in 1800s Australia seeking revenge after a soldier commits acts of violence against her husband with the help of a tracker.

As a trailer, this doesn’t look like something I’m checking out anytime soon. I still haven’t seen The Babadook, and I heard a ton of praise for the 2014 horror drama. So, fans who’ve been waiting for Kent to direct a new movie will be eagerly waiting patiently for The Nightingale. This looks to be a brutal revenge tale that we’re seeing a lot lately, and it will likely be leaning towards an audience that appreciates slow-burning tension (not me). Though presenting it in a 1:33.1 aspect ratio is a fascinating choice.

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